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To hold dear.

To preserve with affection.

This is our friendship,

And what it means to me.


So damned with desire

An affliction  of mind

That brings me here

Only to find

A friend who listens

Who does not judge

Who understands me

And doesn't begrudge

Who gives of heart

And lends an ear

And shares frustration

I found you here

And should we never

Meet face to face

Always know

You have found a place

Here within

This heart of mine

Friends forever

Till the end of time...


The Rose 112401830pm

©2001 Virgil G. Richards




I sit in the darkness and wonder

Why am I here?


I think about things

I wish I had done.


I think I have no purpose

No greater goal.


I walk alone in the night

Wondering, Who am I?


The answer doesnít come.


© 2003 Virgil G. Richards


I Remember a Time

As I sit here in the shadow of a memory

Reminiscing of an easier time

A time when I felt as a man should

Strong, invincible, and in command

A time when it was okay to feel pain

As long as you didnít let it show

A time when my vision was clear

And my voice strong and powerful

A time when I could please a lover

And had a lover to pleaseÖ

As I sit here in the shadows

I desire...


© 2003 Virgil G. Richards



You Donít Know Me 


You donít know me, the man that I am

What I think, what I feel, or the fact that I can

You donít know my dreams, my desires, my whims,

You donít know my hurt, my compassion, and my sinsÖ


You donít know the man, that sometimes cries,

That struggles with morals and tells little white lies

You donít know the man that you kiss in the morn

And again in the eve, when heís tired, and worn.


You donít know the man, that lies by your side

And stares into the night with eyes open wide.

You donít know the man that longs for a touch

A simple caress without words says so much.


You donít know the man, or the words that he writes

And you donít understand when he walks in the night

You donít know the troubles he must face every day

How he longs, how he wishes he could find his wayÖ


You donít know the man, or the depth of his love

How sometimes he prays, to the man up above.

How he asks for forgiveness, and the humbleness in his eyes

When he sinks to his knees with his face to the skies.


You donít know the man that would give of his life

To save that of his childrenís, or that of his wife.

You donít know the man, how he worries, how he cares

The husband, the father, the keeper, that is always there.


No, you donít know me, the man that I amÖ


The Rose 10142001900pm

Copyright 2001

Virgil G. Richards  


Puedes Nunca Saber,

Puedes nunca saber,

Cůmo tocaste mi vida,

Cůmo me ahorraste en una ťpoca de la necesidad.

Puedes nunca saber,

La profundidad de mi gratitud,

O la convicciůn de mi amistad.

Puedes nunca saber,

La verdad dentro de mi alma,

O la angustia no vista de un corazůn culpable.



La Rose 0423071115am

Copyright 2007

Virgil G. Richards




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