Paths of Destiny

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Destiny's Journey

What once was warmed by a soft southern breeze, is chilled now by a cold north wind.

And what once was sunshine and laughter in my life is darkened by grey skies and thunder.

What once were windows, opened wide, now are cold grey walls of stone.

And the mountains that one must climb to find his destiny, that once were shrouded by distance and time, now loom suddenly before me, as ominous and impassable as the universe itself.

But the prophets stated 'The path to one's destiny leads to victory, one must only discover where to begin his journey'.

One must venture to cross his mountains, and the path be long and difficult. One must only retain his heart and soul to survive the arduous journey.

Drive back the clouds and silence the thunder, tear down the walls and reach for the light, for there you will find it, the fading splendor of a thousand setting suns.

The answer lies waiting to be unearthed by only he who dares to fight the battle and win.

Begin your journey without premeditation of conflict, and let it end as the will of fate predicts it to be...


The Rose 9851115pm

Copyright 1985/2000 Virgil G. Richards

Audio rendition, International Library of Poetry, March 2001, The Sound of Poetry, Editor's Favorite Poems


Between Here And There




No Vegetation

No Life, No Time,

No Day, No Night,


No Fear, No Fright,

No Hope, No Care,

Not Here, Not There.

No Sleep, No Dreams,

No Darkness, No Light,

No-one, No Thing,


No Contemplation,

No Sight, No Sounds,

Nowhere, No Bounds.




Not Here, Not There...


The Rose 321993220pm

Copyright  1993/2000 Virgil G. Richards

Published 1998 The National Library of Poetry "Star Dust In The Morning" pg. 65 Library of Congress ISBN 1-57553-894-6


Shooting Star



As evening settles into twilight blue

And heaven offers forth it's bounty,

Of suns and moons and worlds afar,

Among it's splendors, I find  you.


In my memory a love that was bold and free,

Yet as fleeting as the star that falls,

A short-lived journey through midnight's sky,

That the creatures of God might see.


The innocence of youth that once we shared,

The passion, desire, the longing, the lust,

Opposites, extreme, as fire and ice,

Our souls, to each, the other, we bared.


Though laid to rest an eternity past,

In my heart we remain as one,

Soon we'll revel, rejoice, and embrace,

The heavens, together, at last..


The Rose 351993400pm

Copyright 1993/2000 Virgil G. Richards

Published 1999 Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum "Treasure Poems of America" Summer 1999 Pg. 74 Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 90-640795 ISBN: 0-923242-65-1


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