Paths of Destiny

The Original Works of "The Rose"





With This Rose


With this rose I give to thee
I also give my heart,
A ship set sail on a stormy sea
That wanders in the dark.

A lonely ship that lost it's way
And knew not where to turn,
Has found a beacon in the night
And in your eyes it burns.

A gentle breeze invades my mind
Each time I think of you,
My soul resides in springtime bliss
Under skies forever blue.

As you close your eyes tonight my love
Think of me and then,
I'll wait there in the shadows
Till next we meet again.


The Rose 2111985745PM

1985/2000 Virgil G. Richards



Thinking of You


As I sit here thinking of you tonight
My thoughts are so confused
For never have I felt as I do right now
And I don't know what to do.

I want so much to hold you tight
And drive the world away
To feel your touch and taste your kiss
Much more than words can say.

I try so hard to let you know
What is going through my mind
And hope that you can find a way
To read between the lines.

I need for you to understand
What is hidden deep within
My aching heart is yearning
To be with you again

I can't describe the way I feel
Inside your warm embrace
My heart's on fire inside my chest
Each time I see your face.

I need the love you have to give
But even more you see
I need for you to want me too,
And free the man in me....


The Rose 21419851000AM

1985/2000 Virgil G. Richards


The Flight

Silent is the flight of a single dove
Lonely is the man who has no love
A spirit shackled, that cannot fly
Noone there to hear him cry
A man alone never flies as the dove
And cries in the night.....
When he has no love.....

The Rose 1983

1983/2000 Virgil G. Richards



Close your eyes my love and find

A peaceful world inside your mind

A world of dreams and pretty things

Where eagles soar on golden wings


Live your fantasies free from strife

Allow your dreams to come to life

Dream of me and I'll be there

Deep within your heart somewhere

Lift your soul above the ground,

Up where silver clouds abound,

The carefree flight of a single dove,

I'll be waiting there my love.


Waiting for a spirit freed,

Of body, mind, and earthly need.

Come to me my love and soar,

And live in peace, forevermore...

The Rose 2121985400PM

2000 Virgil G. Richards


The Ascent

I stood in the doorway, waiting, wondering.

I was nervous, afraid of blundering.


Staring at the city, but not really seeing,

Immunized by senses heightened by feeling.


Suddenly, you stepped from the shadows, smiling,

You acknowledged my presence with a wave so beguiling.


Your attention strayed as you continued your search,

For your stairway to heaven, my lofty perch.


As we met face to face I could see in your eyes,

The hunger for passion you could not disguise.


As our lips slowly met we were bathed in the fire,

In hormonal rage, we were blind with desire.


Garments asunder we touched and embraced,

Each contact electric sensations we chased.


Swept away to our garden of pleasure unseen,

Mountains, and valleys, and forests of green.


My desire as a bastion arose from the flames,

Grotto moist and beckoning, my passion claims.


And we climbed every spire, every peak, summit bound,

We climbed to the heavens, never leaving the ground.


The minions surged forth from their sanctuary within,

Charging into the depth of the darkness therein.


And as slowly we descended through misty cloud,  

Sated and quenched, our connection avowed.


To revel in the pleasure of passions spent,

And partake of emotion from a pool of content.

The Rose 110220001125AM

2000 Virgil G. Richards


The Lights on the River

As I drove toward home I reflected on the days events.

I thought of needs fulfilled and passions spent.

I thought of satisfaction tainted with egotistical pride.

I passed the usual turn and kept on driving, still pondering, questioning.

What drives a soul to seek that which he already possesses?

Is it to taste of vintage wine?

I didn't have the answers, only more questions.

I only knew that it doesn't seem right to deny the basics of existence.

As I drove on, looking inside myself for the answers, I caught a fleeting movement from the corner of my eye.

A deer, intent on it's path, oblivious to danger, suddenly stepped into the glare of my headlights.

As I swerved and braked hard the deer tried as desperately to reverse it's forward momentum as I.

So close that I could see the confusion in it's eyes, the flare of nostrils, the sudden realization that harm was eminent.

Suddenly it was clear as I witnessed the most basic of emotions in us both, fear.

By a breath it seemed we passed, seemingly hours, but mere seconds, and I felt elation at having spared life and limb.

One of God's creatures, sublime in it's beautiful pristine existence.

I kept driving until finally I could drive no further, the road ending high above the river.

I shut off the engine and sat there quietly for a while, lost in thought.

And as I sat staring at the lights on the river, I suddenly felt an overwhelming urge.

To shed myself of society's garb and bask in the glory of just being...

To feel the soft winds caress my body, to stretch out my arms to the heavens and feel...alive.

As I did so I suddenly felt renewed, as though for a fleeting moment, all of the glory on earth was mine.

Nothing else mattered, nothing else existed, just me, the wind, and the lights on the river.

As I stood, arms outstretched, smiling, feeling, being, I came to terms with me, my most meaningful critic...



The Rose 10312000700PM

2000 Virgil G. Richards





As autumn fades slowly into winter
And the winds carry hint of snow
I sit quietly in a darkened room
With the moon outside my window

My gaze falls silently upon the beams of light
And the dust that dances on the sill
And I drift slowly away to yesterday
I pay no mind to the winter chill

As the rustle of leaves plays a serenade
I dream of a lover from the past
Her scent so intoxicating then as now
Elusive as shadows the moonlight casts

I sway to the beating of lover's hearts
To the music of her soft, low moans
A symphony of passion that once composed
Plays strands of moonbeams with silver tones

I tremble in remembrance of the very first touch
Of a beautiful dreamer's prance
Upon a million beams of moonlight
Two lovers, graceful, in their moondance...


The Rose 11302000500pm

Copyright 2000 Virgil G. Richards



Such a Long Time



Such a long time

Since I've seen your face,

Caught your eye, felt your touch,

Shared your space...

If I close my eyes

I can smell your scent

See your smile, catch the sparkle

In your eyes, just a hint

Yet still I can taste

The fire that we share,

Feel the passion, catch the rush

Distinctive and rare.

And I cling to desire

For to see once again

The return of my kindred

My Lover, My Friend...

The Rose 011720011000PM

2001, Virgil G. Richards



The Dark Side of Memories


Come, whisper shadows where shadows fall not

Follow our voices they say, but for what?


Let us show you they plead, the places you've been

You've been there before, let us take you again.


Let us show you the past, faded fragments of thought,

Faded roses, wisps of smoke, the paths that you sought.


They whisper 'Do not fear', you will come to no harm,

They say, 'Feel not the cold, we will keep you warm'.


As I listen, do I wonder, should I stand my ground?

Should I follow as they beckon? Am I honor bound?


Should I fear? They say 'Nay', Should I shiver with cold?

Should I follow these voices? Should I be so bold?


And yet as I wonder, should I find myself drawn,

Entranced by the voices of my memories spawn.


As I tread paths of destiny, paths of roses, paths of thorn,

Memories fraught with desires, burdened memories that mourn.


Memories abandoned, overshadowed by time,

The dark side of memories, these memories of mine....


The Rose 03012001700PM

Copyright 2001 Virgil G. Richards

Hard toFind


You know, a true friend is so hard to find
Beyond the conscious state of mind
And sometimes something special slips away
Like memories and hope of yet another day

A day that I might spy amongst a crowd
A memory with which I've been endowed
A passion with which I'm overcome
Each time I close my eyes, I succumb....

The Rose 04162001800AM


2001 Virgil G. Richards

Your Wish


I was taken by your smile
And the acceptance in your eyes
When first we met
Under gray October skies

We conversed and we shared
Of secrets untold
Of needs and desires
Of passions we hold

I was lost in your gaze
In the essence of you
When finally we touched
The passion flowed through

As we walked in the rain
I could feel in my heart
The warmth of your soul
As we prepared to part

I saw desire in your eyes
Felt the hunger in your kiss
By your embrace was inspired
To grant this, your wish.....

The Rose 102820001100AM

2000 Virgil G. Richards



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