Paths of Destiny

The Original Works of "The Rose"

For The Children



Of Children's Dreams

It's Christmas Eve all across the land,
As children dream of morn,
Of tinsel and toys and ribbons and bows,
Of Santa Claus and Rudolph's nose.
Of stockings stuffed and the tree all adorned,
With garlands and bells and popping corn.
It's Jingle Bells and Santa's sleigh,
They all know Santa is on his way.
To bring them toys and wished for things,
Yes, these are the things of children's dreams.

As Christmas morn dawns early and bright,
I just can't remember when Christmas has quite,
Meant so much to so many of the people we love,
Shall we all bow our heads and thank the Lord up above,
For more than the life of his only son,
For more than all of the great things He's done,
Let's thank Him for things such as new fallen snow,
And the gift of our children with their faces aglow,
At the bounty of Christmas, and the love we bestow.
Let's thank Our Father for giving us life,
And this day to rejoice His son, Jesus Christ....

The Rose 122394500pm

1994/2000 Virgil G. Richards  


"Such a Shy Little Child"

Somewhere lies a child locked away in a room,
Quietly crying, trying not to be heard.
Not understanding what was done that was wrong,
Feeling threatened, scared to utter a word.
Not knowing why those that tell him they love,
In rage, inflict pain, it seems so absurd...

People see and they wonder why this sad little boy,
Sits alone on a playground on a summer's day.
And they think to themselves, "Such a shy little child",
Not like all the other children, who run and play.
What they cannot see are the tears in his eyes,
From the pain and frustration he keeps locked away...

Bewildered by questions, unanswered, unasked,
And lost in a world that's beyond his control.
It's a great weight he carries on his shoulders so small,
Such a burden to carry, for this tender soul,
That dreams only of happiness, and a world filled with love,
This picture of sadness, for which the bells toll...

The Rose 11232000730pm

2000 Virgil G. Richards


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