Paths of Destiny

The Original Works of "The Rose"

The Dark Side






By dark of night, by dark of moon,

An eerie silence befalls my room.

Shadows fleeting on my walls,

Footsteps echoing down my halls.

I toss and turn in fitful sleep,

As gloom descends, dark and deep.


A nightmare frenzy of visions pass,

Amid the crescendo of thunder's crash.

Visions of spirits, not at rest,

From north and south and east and west.

From above and below, from all around,

Down from the sky and up from the ground.


Lightning strikes with a fiery blast,

Tortured souls cry out from the past.

Screams of terror, and cries of pain,

Demons appear, then are gone again.

Stumbling blindly, as in a fog,

Suddenly mired, as in a bog.


Frantically struggling to stay alive,

Fighting fiercely to survive.

Trying to recall a time that was sane,

Thoughts are jumbled, all in vain.

To but awaken from fiendish hell,

A whirling dervish, inside a well.


As swimming through a thick morass,

Of evil things, a writhing mass,

Of hissing serpents, and grasping hands,

Desperate to live, defiant I stand.

Deafened by the clamoring throng,

My mind now clear, my resolve is strong.


As skies recede, and seas grow calm,

The air now thick with eerie balm.

I suddenly awaken as from a dream,

In realization, I start to scream.

I know not how, or why, or where,

I only know that I've been there.


Somewhere on the other side,

Reborn, never to have died...


The Rose 827981150am

1998/2001 Virgil G. Richards



Whispers of moonlight dance on the ground

Shadows of midnight play all around

And the leaves overhead rustling unseen

Deafened by silence, senses careen

Touched by the breath from a summer breeze

Explosions of spores bring threat of a sneeze

Blinded by insight, premonition of fear

Quickening of pace for a presence is near

A presence unseen but felt on the skin

Unheard, a presence that is felt from within

Could it be conscience, or guilt, or despair?

To escape, hopeless effort, darting here and there

In submission kneeling, slumped to the ground

Restricted by morals, by shadows bound

A soul undeserving, salvation mourned

By actions condemned, society scorned

By demons unwanted and angels shunned

By God forsaken, for deeds that were done.


The Rose 8302001750pm

2001 Virgil G. Richards




As dark night yields slowly to the rising sun

Reluctant to relinquish it's shadowed hold

It's nocturnal existence suspended by break of day

As warm rays of light disperse chilling cold

And those creatures who would use it's blackest heart

And exploit it's cover so to seek their prey

Must once again wait darkness fall for to hunt

So to their burrows and thickets they hide away

And yet morning light a different world does awaken

Carefree yet vigilant the creatures of day appear

Venturing forth into the light of new existence

Now that the creatures of night breed no fear

Under veil of birdsong they scurry and scuttle

Some dutiful, some playful, some engage in romance

While others hunt and gather food for their family

Some build shelters while others dance

Yet the denizens of darkness lurk ever so near

Their fitful sleep burdened by instinctive vision

Awaiting the coming of the darkness again

To rejoin the hunt and complete their mission

As day wears on into afternoon slumber

Creatures of light nap in shadows of eve

And prepare to retire to their havens of safety

Aware of the dangers the end of day leaves

And caught not will they be a far cry from their home

They scant not sing or prance or play

Too near the lair of a darkness breed

Lest they be fodder at the close of day...


2002 Virgil G. Richards






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